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Free PS 3 - Really NO SCAM!

2009-07-02 15:10:31 by Wolfi07

Hey guys,
just want to talk about a website i've found some months ago. Xpango. You get a free Gift for Referrals. Trust me it works! I've got the Iphone and its awesome. You can really trust me. Just sign up here - http://www.xpango.com?ref=91771360
Really, it works :) And really. This is no Scam! REALLY.


Hey NG's :)
spend the last week for learning for school. can't do something for m3d r. but this week maybe i'll finish the first scene :)

Madness 3D Remake - Another Update *Surprise ! :D*

Madness 3D Remake GOOOOREE =D

2009-03-27 11:48:03 by Wolfi07

Hey Folks,
second Update today :P (GMT +2)
GOOOREE, I know you all love Gore, don't you? :P
So, here it is. Well, this splat isn't done yet. Have to add Brain-Parts and Realistic Blood to this. But hey, this Screen is better than one with no Gore xP

Madness 3D Remake GOOOOREE =D

Hey Folks,
workin' hard on M3D Remake. Fuckin much Work xD But hey, it will be awesome :)
So, here's a little Screen ;P

Another Madness 3D Remake Update =D

Madness 3D Remake Update

2009-03-26 12:24:10 by Wolfi07

Hey Folks,
here's a update :D
Screenshot of BadGuy and the Protagonist

Madness 3D Remake Update

Not dead yet =D

2009-03-25 13:22:08 by Wolfi07

Hey Folks!
I Hate Noobs Tutorial 2 is still not done. 70%, maybe a bit less. But I'm making a other project. I'm sure you like it :D

Madness 3D Remake

Because my old Version of Madness 3D sucked, I deleted it and startet to make a much better and longer one.

Greetz ;D

Here's a little Screenshot. This scene is currently WIP, so there are not everywhere textures and some meshes are missing.

Not dead yet =D

Madness 3D II - Weapon Animation

2008-10-05 05:48:17 by Wolfi07

Here's a little animation.

In this .gif, it looks a bit weird, but later in the movie it will be looking better ;)


Madness 3D II

2008-10-03 09:43:24 by Wolfi07

Well, this is only an announcement for Madness 3D II.


- Animated and modeled with Cinema 4D R11
- In-Movie Menu to change quality, pause Movie, jump to chapters
- Longer than Ep1 ( ;) )
- And more

I know the first Part sucks, so i removed it :D

Madness 3D II

Blobster vs the 3rd Reich!

2008-05-31 12:26:46 by Wolfi07

New Screen from the 2144th Frame of Blobz Ep 3 :D

Blobster vs the 3rd Reich!

Blobz Ep 3 - Screenshot 1

2008-05-22 11:22:45 by Wolfi07

I've done now 1 Minute of Blobz Ep 3.
And heres the first Screenshot xD
Ep 3 will have a stronger Storyline, and more Blood ;D

Here is it:

Blobz Ep 3 - Screenshot 1